Once upon a time in the magical state of Arkansas, also known as the "Natural State" because of its enchanting rivers, hot springs and sparkling diamonds, lived a quirky bunch of kids. They were fondly known as the "Hallelujah Hoodlums" because they loved participating in religious service activities. Now don't be fooled by their name, these kids were as sweet as Arkansas watermelons and as lively as its Mockingbirds. Leading the pack was a charismatic young chap named Freddie the Faithful Falcon. With his radiant red cap, oversized glasses, and an ever-present, mile-wide grin, Freddie was a sight to remember. He might have looked a little funny, but boy, did he have a heart bigger than the Ouachita Mountains! Every Sunday, the Hallelujah Hoodlums, led by Freddie, would gather at their local church. They would hand out freshly baked cornbread and honey to everyone, sing gospel songs louder than a Razorback’s cheer, and share inspiring Bible stories, wrapping each tale with a hearty laugh or a playful punchline. Freddie was known for his hilarious impressions. One moment he'd be Moses parting the Red Sea with a mop, the next moment he'd be Noah herding stuffed animal pairs into a cardboard ark. He made religion a jubilant journey. Frowns turned into giggles, and giggles into belly laughs whenever Freddie was at the helm. Indeed, in the magical state of Arkansas, the Hallelujah Hoodlums and Freddie the Faithful Falcon made religious service activity a fun, and laughter-filled adventure, proving that faith and fun can indeed be the best of friends.

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. In the early 1950s, North Arkansas Gospel Mission (now Rock Haven Ministries) took a small group of young people camping at Buffalo River State Park. After seeing the positive impact it had on the group, they decided to make it a regular event – and in 1955, they purchased 105 acres alongside what is now the Buffalo National River to create Rock Haven Bible Camp. In the years since, the camp has become a staple of the area's summertime offerings, and the National Park Service has taken it over to help make the Buffalo River a National River. Rock Haven Bible Camp has been helping to shape young people's lives since the 1950s. It all started when a small group of young people were taken camping by North Arkansas Gospel Mission (now known as Rock Haven Ministries). After the camp was deemed successful, the group decided to make it a regular summer event. They purchased 105 acres alongside the Buffalo National River, and Rock Haven Bible Camp was born. Now a part of the National Park Service, the camp continues to be an important part of the local summertime scene.

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