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Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, where the snow-capped mountains kiss the vast blue skies and the Northern Lights put on a nightly dance show, there exists a group of daredevil kids; the Arctic Boulder Busters! These aren't your regular pack of pint-sized adventurers. They're brave, bold, and have a peculiar passion for rock climbing. Leading this troupe of thrill-seekers is the ever-energetic, always daring, and somewhat clumsy, Captain Cragsmasher. Now, don't let the name fool you. Captain Cragsmasher isn't a superhero with super strength or flying abilities. Nope! He's a fuzzy, four-footed polar bear who wears a pair of neon-green climbing boots and a red bandana around his head. He's a lovable, goofy, and slightly staggering figure who, believe it or not, is an expert in rock climbing! Captain Cragsmasher, together with the Arctic Boulder Busters, spend their days scaling the towering Alaskan cliffs, exploring the nooks and crannies of gigantic glaciers, outsmarting sneaky crevasses, and occasionally rescuing a bewildered mountain goat or two. But what's even more hilarious is the Captain's climbing technique. He doesn't climb like a bear or a human, but like a flailing, floppy fish trying to wriggle up a waterfall. It's a sight that sends the kids into fits of laughter every single time. Despite his amusing tactics, Captain Cragsmasher's climbs are a thrill to watch, and they inspire the Arctic Boulder Busters to keep reaching for the top, no matter the challenges that come their way. So, if you ever find yourself in the frosty terrains of Alaska, keep an eye out for a wacky polar bear and his band of audacious climbers. They're making the mountains of Alaska their playground, one hilarious climb at a time.

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For over 60 years, Solid Rock Bible Camp has been providing children in Alaska with a place to get closer to God. In a gorgeous setting on the central Kenai Peninsula, their 200-acre grounds include the beautiful Miracle Lake. Solid Rock is a non-profit, interdenominational camp and conference center that offers programs designed to meet the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs of each camper and guest. The goal of Solid Rock Bible Camp is to foster a greater understanding of God's love and a closer relationship with Him for each child who spends time there. Solid Rock Bible Camp is a special place for children in Alaska to form a closer relationship with God. Since 1958, they have been providing a beautiful setting on the central Kenai Peninsula for kids to come and learn about God's love. The 200-acre grounds include the gorgeous Miracle Lake. As a non-profit, interdenominational camp and conference center, Solid Rock offers carefully crafted programs to meet the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs of each camper. Through these activities, campers can gain a greater understanding of God's love and form a closer relationship with Him.

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