In the spectacular state of Michigan, where lakes twinkle like sapphire gems and rivers run like silver threads across lush landscapes, an adventurous group of kids embark on the most fantastic water activities. Michigan, also known as the 'Great Lakes State', is home to more than 11,000 inland lakes, making it a perfect water playground for our brave little heroes. In this refreshing tale, our main character is a jolly, green frog named Captain Bubbles. He’s got a hearty laugh that could wake up a hibernating bear, and webbed feet faster than a school of fleeing minnows. He wears a comical red admiral's hat, tilted just so, and sports a dashing pair of goldfish-orange swim trunks. Captain Bubbles is the guide for our fun-loving, water-splashing Michigan kids, who spend their days exploring the water in all sorts of imaginative ways. They sail across the vast Lake Michigan, pretending to be pirates searching for hidden treasures. They paddle through the winding rivers, having wild races with the darting fishes. And in the freezing winter, they turn into polar explorers, daringly cutting holes in the ice for fishing. The laughter and cheer of these kids echo across the lakes and rivers, their joy as abundant as the water around them. They dive, swim, splash, and soak, making the most of every wave and ripple. Under the watchful eye of Captain Bubbles, their laughter and love for water adventures are as endless as the Michigan shores. So, hold on to your swim caps, kids, because in Michigan, the water's always fine, and the adventures are just beginning!

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