The Great Lakes State, Michigan, twinkled like a gigantic blue and green jigsaw puzzle, kissed by the sun on the American map. It was a place where kids had porridge-like cereal for breakfast, friendly snowmen for friends during winters, and the most magical music activities all year round! Picture it like this, you know how in cartoons, there's always that one cool character who bursts into a song now and then? Well, imagine a state full of those characters. Meet Jazzy Jaxon, Michigan's very own maestro. Jaxon was a whiz-kid with a head full of glossy dark hair that bounced when he bopped to the beat. His glasses sat low on his nose as he poured over sheet music, always dusted with powdered doughnut sugar. He was just about as tall as a bassoon, not much more than a pack of licorice and was the grand conductor of the Michigan Miniature Orchestra, a group of the coolest, quirkiest little musicians you could ever meet. Every Saturday, the kids gathered in the cozy, jumbled music room at the back of Mrs. Applebee's Candy Store. With violins, trumpets, flutes, drums, and even a tuba, they produced harmonies so delightful it made the gummy bears in the store dance. Oliver, the toothless trombone player, would slide into a beautiful solo that sounded like a hippopotamus singing opera! Whether it was the middle of a snowy January or a sun-splashed July, the kids in Michigan were always ready to fill their magical state with music that could make even a grumpy garden gnome tap his foot. The state of Michigan was not just filled with beautiful lakes and delicious cherries, it was filled with the sweetest melodies.

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