In the wondrous, wild world of Michigan, there’s a group of extraordinary kids who do something completely magical - they dance! Now, Michigan isn't just any ordinary state, oh no, it's a magical land shaped like a mitten, where the lakes sparkle like sapphires and cherries grow as big as your fist. Imagine a place where you can touch the stars from the sand dunes and catch a snowflake on your tongue in the winter. That's Michigan! Now let's meet the Michigan Marvellous Moonwalkers, a team of dance-loving kids. They come from every corner of this magnificent mitten, from the lively streets of Detroit to the frosty Upper Peninsula. Each one of them is a splendidly special character indeed. There's Bouncy Benny who can boogie better than a kangaroo on hot sand. Twinkle-Toe Tina, whose tap dancing can outshine the brightest star in the sky. Spinster Sam, who can twirl faster than a tornado in a tea cup. And don't forget Jiggy Jill who can jive like a jellyfish on a rollercoaster. But the most famous of them all is Hip-Hop Harry, a mystical moose with moves smoother than a slithering snake. He's got antlers as wide as a school bus and a heart as big as Lake Superior. He's the one who teaches the Moonwalkers how to groove and move, flip and dip, with a rhythm that can shake the pines in the forests! So, as the sun sets over the Great Lakes, the Michigan Marvellous Moonwalkers come out to dance, their infectious laughter filling the air. Together, they make the Mitten State the most hopping, bopping, non-stopping place to be. And remember, if you ever pass through Michigan, don't forget your dancing shoes. You never know when Hip-Hop Harry might invite you to join the dance!

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