In the sunny, golden state of California, where palm trees sway like dancers and the Pacific Ocean booms its own rhythmic beat, a unique tribe of kids called the "Groove Goblins" is taking over. Ah! California, with its never-ending sunshine, it's as if the state itself is wearing a massive radiant smile. From the towering redwoods in the North to the sandy beaches of the South, California is one big dance floor for these Groove Goblins! These aren’t your everyday goblins though. They aren't gloomy, grimy, or grumpy. No, sir! These Goblins are bright, energetic, and super funny! They have the most contagious laughter which is known to ripple across the state, making even the grumpiest grizzly bear chuckle. They don't move around like regular kids. They slide, twirl, twist and bounce. They fill the air with an infectious rhythm that even grandma's poodle can't resist tapping its paw to. From hip-hop in Hollywood to salsa in San Diego, they can do it all. Their leader, a curly-haired sprite named Rhythm Rico, has spring-loaded feet and twirling tornado hands. He can spin so fast that he once stirred up a milkshake just by dancing next to it! Rico and his Groove Goblins prove that in California, you don't just walk; you moonwalk, you don't just run; you do the running man, and you never, ever stand still when you can breakdance instead. So, if you ever visit California and feel an irresistible urge to shimmy, shake or shudder, don’t be surprised! It's just the Groove Goblins, inviting you to join their dance-filled, laughter-loving, California-cool adventure!

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