Welcome to the incredible state of Arkansas, or as we call it in our whimsical world, the Sea of the Ozarks. Not just any sea, mind you. It's a magical sea filled with mystical aquatic life that roams around its countless rivers and lakes, perfect for kids who love to swim. In the heart of this aquatic wonderland, we find our hilarious hero, Finley the Flippered Frog. Finley is not your usual frog. He wears neon goggles, sports a star-spangled swimming cap, and flutters around with a pair of oversized flippers. He’s the coach of the coolest, zaniest, and most splashtastic, swimming team in the whole of the Sea of the Ozarks, the Arkansas Aquanuts! The Aquanuts are a team of spirited Arkansas kids who spend their days snorkeling, splashing, and swimming in the magical waters of the Ozarks. They compete in fun races, master the art of underwater bubble-making, and even play underwater hide and seek with the firefly squids. Every day, Finley trains these kids, turning them from tadpoles to frog kings and queens of the water. He teaches them how to backstroke through the roaring rapids of the Buffalo River, doggie-paddle in the mystic waters of Lake Ouachita, and even butterfly stroke under the moonlight in the glittery springs of Hot Springs National Park. Arkansas, sorry, the Sea of the Ozarks, is an enchanting place where the Aquanuts and their funny flippered coach make every swim a ribbiting adventure. They swim, they laugh, they make a splash. And this, my dear reader, is the wet and wild world of swimming in Arkansas.

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