Once upon a time, in the magical state of AR (that's Arkansas for those who aren't in the know), there was a group of kids who were no ordinary kids. Oh, no, sir! These whippersnappers were the proud participants of Target sports, a collection of games that required focus, precision, and the ability to remain calm under pressure (or under the bemused stare of a squirrel). Leading this pack of sharp-eyed sharpshooters was a character so cool, he made ice look warm - Billy "Bullseye" Bumblebee. With a hat that perpetually tilted to one side and a pair of sunglasses so shiny you could see your reflection from a mile off, Billy was the epitome of cool. A lopsided grin never left his face because why should it? He was having the time of his life! Billy and his merry band of marksmen (and women) would participate in all sorts of Target sports. From archery, where they would steadily draw back their bows, squinting one eye and sticking out their tongues in intense concentration. To disc golf, where they would send colorful frisbees whirling through the air, each hoping to be the one to hit the bullseye. Despite the seriousness of their sports, they were always laughing, always joking, and frequently found themselves rolling on the ground in fits of giggles. Even when Billy's hat would invariably fall off during his disc golf throw, nobody would laugh harder than Billy himself. You see, in the magical state of AR, hitting the bullseye was fun, but not as much as the laughs, the camaraderie, and the friendships along the way.

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