In the heart of the deep south, nestled amongst the tall pine trees and rolling hills, lies the magical state of Alabama, fondly known as AL. AL is not just a place, it's an adventure ground teeming with hearty, fun-loving kids who have a special knack for Riflery. Now, before you start picturing these kids as wild, reckless cowboys, let me introduce you to their wise, quirky guide, Sergeant Whisker Biscuits, the raccoon with a shiny sheriff badge. Sergeant Whisker Biscuits, with his twinkling eyes hidden behind thick goggles and his furry paws always ready for action, is a master of Riflery himself. He teaches the kids of AL about safety, accuracy, and the importance of a well-roasted marshmallow. He's quite the character, always appearing when you least expect him, popping out from behind a tree stump, or parachuting down from a hot air balloon with his rifle, "Miss Marshmallow," strapped to his back. The kids of AL, under the tutelage of the remarkable raccoon, have become skilled Riflers. They are as disciplined as they are daring, always following the safety guidelines, even while having the time of their lives. Their laughter echoes through the woods as they take aim at targets, their faces a mask of intense concentration followed by triumphant grins. But it's not all serious business; there's plenty of time for giggles, especially when Sergeant Whisker Biscuits tries to balance a marshmallow on his nose. In AL, Riflery is not just a sport. It's an epic adventure led by a comical raccoon sheriff and a band of lively kids, creating a tale of laughter, learning, and the lasting bonds of friendship.

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